Rail Live 2016 and the Safety & Health Expo 2016

30th June 2016

Rail Live 2016 and the Safety & Health Expo 2016, RVT Group

Rail Live 2016 on the 22nd and 23rd June started off slightly waterlogged, but certainly didn't dampen the spirit of those attending.

Key influencers and decision makers attended the event, and wide interest was shown in the Soundex® range of products, which included several new releases. The S1/3 Soundex® Professional Pyla-Tech Acoustic Shroud and A1/3 Soundex® Professional Pyla-Tech Acoustic Wrap, were both recognised as particularly effective for attenuation during piling.

Enjoyed by all were the live demos, which were highly valuable in displaying the level of noise reduction that can be achieved using RVT's Soundex® products.

"Visitors were taken aback with some readings showing noise reduction in excess of 10dB from the E1/3 Soundex® Micro Barrier when cutting a section of rail" commented Caleb Taylor, RVT's Soundex® Brand Manager.

With site personnel's health being widely discussed and the HSE campaigning to continue helping Great Britain work well, it's no surprise RVT attracted lots of interest. None more so that when their 80 kVA generator was switched on, which once properly surrounded by their acoustic barriers, couldn't be heard until within 5 meters.

Also demonstrated were RVT's unique range of Ventex® high powered centrifugal fans, which have proved to be a major success for providing effective tunnel ventilation during track relay and electrification work.

Impressive products that so easily help minimise onsite health hazards.

The Safety & Health Expo 2016 which took place on 21st – 23rd June is an annual one-of-a-kind event where exhibitors get to showcase their product range, and trade visitors can discover and trial the latest health & safety innovations, witness live demos, network with industry colleagues, receive trusted up-to-date information, and share ideas, opinions and ensure best practice when it comes to health and safety.

RVT Group was excited to host a stand at the event, giving them the opportunity to speak with professionals about dust and noise issues on site. In particular, the harmful effects they can cause site personnel.

"With health having been overlooked for years in the construction industry, it was clear that the message is getting across with a lot of interest in RVT's dust solutions" commented James Dupont, Air Quality Control Consultant for RVT Group.

In particular, RVT's newest products generated plenty of interest: portable dust filtration unit for restricted spaces, the Raptor, and powerful airborne dust suppressor, the Hydramist 13.

While many existing RVT customers attended the stand over the course of the event, a lot of consultants attended too. They were keen to find out more about RVT's range, and were pleased to discover the specialist solutions available to meet any dust and noise issues their clients may face.

The outcome?

Those consultants walked away feeling confident that they can now offer a viable solution to their clients to help reduce harmful hazards on-site.

James Dupont went on to say

"With challenges increasing as the HSE focus on occupational health, it was a great opportunity to network, and‎ ensure we remain as the voice of the construction industry for advice in providing temporary dust control."



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