RVT’s Portable Gas Monitor

17th November 2017

RVT’s Portable Gas Monitor, RVT Group

Monitoring gas levels on construction sites is a vital task to ensure the good health of site workers is maintained.

RVT's PS500 Portable Gas Monitor can be tailored to detect up to five gases, including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors, and infrared capabilities. It can also detect nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide making it highly effective in protecting workers from the risk of a wide range of harmful gases.

This monitor features a loud penetrating and distinctive audible alarm – of 95dBA – making it incredibly effective in noisy environments. There is also a high-visibility large-area visual alarm for light-restricted areas.

Other key benefits are:

  • On-board datalogging which means it can continuously send the latest data to a management system. This ensures any necessary action can be carried out almost immediately.
  • Protected by a robust rubberised casing with guaranteed high-impact resistance, the PS500 can be used in the most demanding industrial environments.

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