RVT’s ‘Green’ Day

21st November 2017

RVT’s ‘Green’ Day, RVT Group
RVT Group

Throughout the year, RVT promotes each of our company values in turn. Most recently, we focused on our value of 'delivering excellence'.

Alongside our internal celebration of values, we conduct fundraising activities for worthy causes. This time we decided we would hold a Green Day Event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. This begged the question, could we get any greener with our brand already a definite green? Judging by the results, it was a resounding yes!

Everyone at RVT HQ got into the spirit of the event...

  • wore something green – from socks to shirts to wigs, everything was green!
  • We feasted on an excellent selection of green food, lovingly prepared by the Customer Service Team and wolfed down by all!
  • And many accepted the challenge of getting to work using a "green" method. From surfboards (yes you read that right) and scooters, to the more conventional method of walking – video evidence was provided!

Light-heartedness and fun aside, it reminded us all at RVT of the importance of maintaining our core values and vision – remaining true to them and delivering them across every aspect of our job.

Raising a fantastic £242.22 for Macmillan Cancer Care, thanks to the generous donations from staff and the company, RVT Day certainly brightened up what would otherwise have been a normal Tuesday.

Another shining example of the great team culture we have here at RVT.



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