RVT’s 2nd Quarterly Donation

28th November 2017

RVT’s 2nd Quarterly Donation, RVT Group

RVT chose Action on Hearing Loss as the charity to link to our customer feedback programme in 2017 – a donation is made every time a customer completes our feedback questionnaire. This forms part of our ongoing work towards a world where the impact of site work on life and health is effectively zero.

We are now delighted to present our second quarterly donation to this worthy charity, for the sum of £106.

Action on Hearing Loss is the largest UK charity dedicated to supporting and helping improve the lives of people with hearing difficulties. Through their fundraising efforts and private donations, they offer a high level of support to those affected and their families, as well as helping to fund research and technological advancements around the world.

Workers within the construction industry are at risk of hearing-related health issues due to the high levels of noise produced from many site machines and tools. Activities such as sanding, sawing, hammering, piling, drilling and welding all generate high sound levels from the equipment being used.

According to the HSE, it's estimated that 20,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related hearing problems.

Hearing issues within the construction industry are often caused by exposure to high noise levels over a prolonged period. RVT is dedicated to raising the awareness of protection equipment available to ensure site workers are no longer unnecessarily at risk. Sound barriers, curtains and enclosures all help minimise noise outside of the immediate work environment, protecting those nearby, while personal protection equipment (PPE) helps protect the worker.

Tim Dupont, Marketing Director at RVT commented,

"We are very pleased to support the Action on Hearing Loss campaign. Getting feedback from customers is not always easy, so by promoting the donation that we'll give every time a customer gives us their honest and constructive feedback, is a win-win all round.

For RVT, we can improve through constructive feedback. For the customer, they're helping to contribute to a worthy charity in exchange for just a few minutes of their time. And of course, Action on Hearing Loss benefits from donations, enabling them to continue helping improve the lives of those suffering with hearing loss and tinnitus."



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