RVT launches new product to solve your heating challenges!

12th November 2019

RVT launches new product to solve your heating challenges!, RVT Group

At RVT, we maintain close contact with everyday site requirements and provide equipment that meets the challenges faced there. Our latest addition is the Climex 18FD electric fan heater system.

This powerful and effective fan heater's output range can reach up to 18kw at an air flow of 2,300 m3/hr, and comes with an inflatable sock to distribute clean, dry air wherever you need or want it. Fitted with castors, it is highly mobile and easily positioned in specific locations where heat and/or drying is required.

We all know the importance of keeping a site heated – maintaining a warm and dry workspace keeps the wet trades on track, prevents the deterioration of existing works and keeps the whole project to schedule. The Climex 18FD can play a key part in achieving this, either as a standalone solution or as part of a wider heating/drying scheme.

The 18FD also provides air purification. Its filtered air intake cleans the air that it draws in before sending back out as warm air. It has a remote or fixed thermostat for convenient control of heating levels and to ensure that project progress is maintained, and your health and safety standards are always adhered to. It also comes complete with a lockable control panel for added security

Use of an electric fan heater cuts down on the use of dangerous and expensive fuels such as propane or diesel. And by cutting down on health and fire hazards, you'll also help to reduce your Risk Assessment action load.

These heaters are suited to operate in smaller internal spaces, such as heating workshops or drying out small rooms.

Our recommendation

RVT has provided heating solutions across multiple industries for many years and has helped multiple clients overcome the most challenging of heating and drying requirements on site.

Our general best-practice advice is to opt for indirect oil-fired heaters and an air-distribution setup for extended sites (hospital renovations, high-rise builds, shop installations etc.). Our newest addition, the Climex 18FD Electric Fan, is perfect for specific location requirements and smaller spaces.

Responding to market demand

We are aware of the need for this type of flexible heater and are excited about the potential the 18FD has to effectively meet common site challenges.

Contact us today on 0808 178 3286 or drop us an email ( and we'll guide you through the best solutions for your site-heating challenges.

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