RVT Present First Donation

5th June 2017

RVT Present First Donation, RVT Group

RVT is committed to providing equipment to the construction industry that protects site workers against the harmful effects of excess noise.

As part of our continued efforts to develop noise-minimising equipment and raise awareness of this common site hazard, we decided to show our support to Action on Hearing Loss.

This national charity work hard to help people with hearing loss and tinnitus – from practical advice and care, to campaigning and research.

Our commitment to them: for every piece of performance and service level feedback we secure from our customers, a donation is made.

As such, we're delighted to present Action on Hearing Loss with their first quarterly donation.

"We are very pleased to have this opportunity to support such a worthwhile charity as Action on Hearing Loss. This well-established charity provides support to 11 million people confronting deafness and hearing loss in the UK; many of those have their disability either as a direct result of, or made worse by, poor working conditions on site.

We are dedicated to creating safer sites so that personnel have a happier long term future. However, for some people this is too late. By supporting Action on Hearing Loss we can help those who help these people who are suffering in this way."

- Tim Dupont, Marketing Director, RVT Group



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