RVT Launches NEW Pyro-Tech Acoustic Curtain

4th November 2016

RVT Launches NEW Pyro-Tech Acoustic Curtain, RVT Group

RVT Group, in conjunction with London Underground, has developed and launched a highly specialised Acoustic Curtain to the marketplace.

The Pyro-Tech C1/3 LU Acoustic Curtain is the only sound barrier that has a Class 0 fire rating and is fully certified for use within the London Underground, other sub-surface environments, railway stations, and other internal spaces with a high footfall of traffic.

This innovative product boasts excellent attenuation and noise absorption properties. It is an essential piece of equipment when undergoing internal refurbishment work to avoid noise transmitting into public areas.

And with headline statistics highlighting unacceptable exposure, complaints and irreversible damage as a result of excessive noise at work, controlling noise efficiently is becoming a key health and safety issue in all types of working environments.

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