RVT Group helping you with your fume control hire needs

12th April 2015

RVT Group helping you with your fume control hire needs, RVT Group

Fume control and prevention of the build-up of fumes is absolutely vital in an enclosed working environment. If you have a work site where industrial equipment such as: cutting, welding, burning and spray painting are taking place. Otherwise, you could be putting your construction workers health at risk, as continued exposure to any hazardous pollutants could be very damaging, if not fatal.

The build-up of hazardous and harmful fumes are often undetectable without the right equipment. Fumes are normally invisible to the eye and often have no smell or taste to detect their presence. You will need specialist fume control equipment which RVT Group provide a wide range of; these can be obtained by short-term hire or purchased outright.

RVT Group are just a phone call away on 0808 178 3286 and can help you with all your fume control hire needs.



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