RVT Group experts in exhaust fume control

11th May 2015

RVT Group experts in exhaust fume control, RVT Group

Using petrol or diesel powered mechanical equipment including: vehicles, generators and other industrial machinery in confined spaces will inevitably lead to the build-up of exhaust fumes. If these hazardous exhaust fumes are not controlled, this could cause serious health issues. Even small amounts of carbon monoxide in the air, in a tight space, could be fatal.

Exhaust fumes can be controlled quite easily with our range of RAVEX exhaust particulate filters, or by utilising our specialist high temperature extraction systems. The level of exhaust fumes can be reduced to almost zero. This will enable a safe working environment and prevent unnecessary downtime, while fumes are left to disperse naturally.

RVT Group provide specialist exhaust fume filtration and extraction kits which are available for short term hire or to be purchased outright. Click here to view our range of exhaust fume control equipment.

RVT Group are just a phone call away on 0808 178 3286 and can help you with all your exhaust fume control needs.



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