RVT Group are experts in noise control hire

28th June 2015

RVT Group are experts in noise control hire, RVT Group

Persistent exposure to high levels of noise can lead to long term irreversible damage to the ears and could ultimately result in deafness as well receiving noise complaints from neighbouring buildings and passers by.

Noise is very much a key Health and Safety at work issue on all types of work sites where static or mobile plant equipment is used.

RVT Group's SOUNDEX range of innovative and effective solutions to noise control problems including: noise barriers; noise enclosures and acoustic quilts.

Effective noise control can be deployed fast and is a simple and way to provide noise control, which will prevent complaints and reduce health risks to your staff.

RVT Group are just a phone call away on 0808 178 3286 and can help you with all your noise control hire needs.



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