RVT ‘Caring for Others’

23rd November 2017

RVT ‘Caring for Others’, RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group

Another worthy event was recently held at RVT HQ as part of our 'Value of the Month' campaign. This time it was a 'Caring for Others' challenge, taken on by 'Team Mercedes', one of the staff teams at RVT.

To demonstrate RVT's value of 'Caring for Others', Team Mercedes spent some time reflecting on the best way to express this value.

After some deliberation, it was decided that they would show our 'Caring for Others' value by offering to take over kitchen duties for one month. Normally this is a shared responsibility, whereby everyone in RVT has one day a month where they are on kitchen clean-up duty. So as you can imagine, this was an offer greatly appreciated and enthusiastically accepted by all!

To raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital, Team Mercedes also came up with a series of quick, fun lunchtime games, such as coin throwing, with exciting prizes up from grabs.

A fantastic £310 was raised by the staff, quickly matched by RVT management. We were therefore delighted to donate £620 to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Ken Swain from Team Mercedes commented,

"We would like to thank all staff for their amazing contribution of £310 which was kindly matched by RVT management, raising an incredible £620 for The Royal Marsden Hospital. We hope staff enjoyed the games as much as we did!"

Now, back to the washing up!



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