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12th November 2019

RVT Bake Sale, RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group

On the 31st October, RVT staff joined together to take part in a competitive bake sale in aid of Thrombosis UK, a cause very close to our hearts. Thrombosis is the formation of potentially deadly blood clots which can form in both arteries and veins. Arterial thrombosis can cause heart attacks and strokes, and venous thrombosis can lead to death as these clots block blood supply to the lungs. Thrombosis remains a major cause of death in the UK, yet many people have little or no understanding about its causes and effects, and how it can be prevented.

Huge support was shown for the event by RVT staff, and a whopping 21 cake entries were baked for the event! These included; chocolate cake, victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, carrot cake, jammy dodger cupcakes and much more! In true Great British Bake-Off style, a panel of impartial judges rated the cakes on presentation, consistency, flavour and creativity. After some tough decisions the winners were chosen, and the bake sale was opened.

In joint third place were Layla Devenish and Tim Chattel whose creative cakes wowed the judges, and their efforts won them a bottle of wine each to enjoy. In second place, and winning a bottle of champagne, was Laura Capp for her carrot cake cupcakes that were small in size but big in flavour. First place was taken by Ketsia Chattel whose amazing carrot cake, topped with toffee apples, was a perfect autumnal treat! Ketsia took home a box of delicious chocolates, a stylish new apron and a £50 restaurant voucher.

This event was a fantastic team building exercise with staff from all departments taking part, whether that was by judging, baking or eating, and an amazing £280.15 was raised for Thrombosis UK! It was a great day and all leftover cake was taken home to be enjoyed by staff's families and friends. Thank you and well done to all involved! Watch this space for RVT's next fundraising activity!



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