RVT 5km run for Macmillan

6th September 2017

RVT 5km run for Macmillan, RVT Group
RVT Group

As part of RVT's 'Value of the Month' campaign, Team Mercedes kicked off with an emphasis on health and wellbeing by challenging staff to a 'Couch to 5km' run.

Working fitness into everyday life not only reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, it also has many mental health benefits such as boosting confidence, awareness, memory, and creativity.

But we know it can be difficult for many to maintain a regular fitness regime. In the light of this, and adhering to our core values, Team Mercedes offered encouragement, guidance and support to all those who wanted to take part.

And what can we say – our staff rose to the challenge and excelled.

Customer Key Accounts Manager at RVT, Melissa, commented:

"A highly inspirational event which allowed all employees to tackle a feasible feat that challenged their own personal goals, and created a team spirit on the day to help others through their achievements. 

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. There was such a great atmosphere amongst us all, with everyone determined to succeed."

With special thanks to Dartford Harriers Athletics Club for allowing us to use their track facilities, we were delighted to raise a total of £1,442.50 for Macmillan. This amount could not have been achieved without our runners, and generous personal and supplier donations.

So a huge thank you to all who took part ... next year, let's make it 10km!



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