Quicken Drying Out Programs

24th October 2017

Quicken Drying Out Programs, RVT Group

Excess moisture in the air is a common issue on construction sites. Many everyday tasks can be affected if the conditions are too humid and this can cause delays in completing work within set deadlines. These time losses often result in a financial loss too.

An effective solution is to hire mobile dehumidifiers. They are the only method of successfully removing moisture in a controlled, efficient manner from the environment, and at a speed that can often ensure projects run on time.

RVT's Climex FDNP96 mobile dehumidifiers are built to fit through a standard doorway with two large wheels for easy transportation. Being our largest capacity mobile dehumidifier, it can produce 96 litres of water every 24 hours. It also houses a condensate pump so can be easily connected to a hose or internal tank for even greater capacity.

During building construction, mobile dehumidifiers assist in drying out buildings to allow for wet trades to start work. Thereafter, they assist in drying out wet trades, such as concreting floors and plastering, to allow for final fix, flooring trades and decorations to begin.

On a larger scale, they help in flood damage restoration and in maintaining humidity levels in critical environments.

Don't delay your construction projects. Use powerful, efficient mobile dehumidifiers to stay on top of deadlines and budgets.

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