Providing High Volume Ventilation

17th July 2018

Providing High Volume Ventilation, RVT Group

The Ventex FA800CF Centrifugal Fan is powerful, efficient and highly durable.

Due to the high pressure developed by the fan, the FA800CF is excellent for moving large volumes of air over long distances through attached flexible ducting – particularly useful in tunnel construction work. And because the motor is located outside the airstream, it is safe to use for extracting hot or flammable fumes.

Key applications for the FA800CF Centrifugal Fan include:

  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Basement ventilation

Providing adequate ventilation is paramount during ground works in tunnels and basements to extract hazardous dust and gas outside of the working environment. Equally important is delivering a fresh oxygen supply to ensure workers remain alert and healthy, minimising their exposure to harmful airborne hazards.

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