Promoting Good Health in the Workplace

3rd November 2016

Promoting Good Health in the Workplace, RVT Group
RVT Group

In support of Great Britain's Health and Wellbeing Week, which took place from 17th – 21st October, all staff members at RVT were happy to get involved and play their part.

It's widely recognised that employees who eat healthy meals and exercise on a regular basis have better job performance and lower absenteeism. And from a business perspective, wellbeing can serve as an important business success metric.

But irrespective of that, the senior management team at RVT wants to encourage good health by staff leading a healthy life – for their own benefit, as much as the company's. The recent GB Health & Wellbeing Week was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to them, by creating healthier habits in the workplace.

How did we do it?

Through setting four health KPI's:

  1. Start active: 15 minutes of vigorous exercise before 7.30am every day
  2. Hydrate: Drink 2 litres of water during your work day (provided by RVT)
  3. Nourish: Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day (provided by RVT)
  4. Stay active: 15 minutes of exercise at lunchtime

And as an added incentive, we committed to donating money to the British Lung Foundation for each person who completed these four KPI's during health week.

We chose the British Lung Foundation because it is the only UK charity looking after the nation's lungs – a synergy with RVT's mission to create a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment. Through research, support and campaigning, the BLF is dedicated to finding ways to prevent lung illnesses that affect one in five people in the UK.

A worthy cause, towards which we were delighted to raise £500 (and excited to hand it over in the form of a hefty cheque!).

But it doesn't stop there for RVT.

Whilst GB's official Health & Wellbeing Week has ended, we continue to encourage and support our staff to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. Our next goal – a 5km run. Watch this space!



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