Powerful and Manoeuvrable

6th November 2017

Powerful and Manoeuvrable, RVT Group

Working in environments where oxygen levels are reduced or the risk of air pollutants is high, requires an effective ventilation system to ensure the health of site workers is not negatively affected.

RVT's Ventex FA1250SA Axial Fan is the ideal solution when large airflows are required, such as in tunnels and top-down basement construction projects.

The huge 70,000 m3/hr airflow capacity and powerful 415v motors guarantee adequate ventilation is supplied, whilst being easily manoeuvred thanks to its skid-mounted design.

Whether ventilating tunnels or basements, or needing negative pressure within retail warehouses and distribution centres, our FA1250SA fan is a powerful and effective piece of equipment capable of moving large volumes of air.

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