Powerful Electric Heater

5th October 2017

Powerful Electric Heater, RVT Group

With the winter months fast approaching, portable heaters are a necessary piece of equipment to ensure site processes continue effectively and help site workers to keep warm.

Enter RVT's HE20KSFS Electric Fan Heater. This portable and powerful heater has two heat settings and a fan only setting. With up to 18kW output running off a 415 volt/32-amp supply, this heater is ideal for heating congregational areas and maintaining ambient temperatures for specialist finishing and flooring trades.

An obvious benefit of this electric heater is safety. Without the need for diesel or propane, the HE20KSFS Electric Fan Heater can be the best solution for certain construction site situations such as confined areas.

Clean, quiet, and compact, RVT's electric heater is a safe yet efficient choice for any construction site.

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