Powerful Dust Suppression Unit

21st June 2018

Powerful Dust Suppression Unit, RVT Group

Construction sites are responsible for 7.5% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 8% of large particle emissions and 14.5% of emissions of the most dangerous fine particles in the UK.*

Dust, fumes and noise on construction sites need to be effectively managed to help reduce these startling figures.

To help tackle excess dust on site, RVT Group has recently introduced the Hydramist 40GT Dust Suppression Unit. Comprising of a water cannon, water tank and generator, this self-contained unit can be deployed to control dust in even the most remote locations.

The powerful cannon can spray a mist of water particles over an area of up to 4,600m2 at distances of up to 40 metres, whilst its on-board water tank has a generous 2000 litre capacity to allow for up to 85 minutes of continuous use from one tank.

Ideal for suppressing dust over wide areas, the Hydramist 40GT Dust Suppression Unit plays a vital role in managing excess dust on site, ensuring the health of construction workers and the general public nearby is protected.

For your free brochure on the Hydramist 40GT Dust Suppression Unit, visit our website here.

* Considerate Constructors Scheme 2018 statistics



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