Positive Health for Employees

19th October 2017

Positive Health for Employees, RVT Group

Health and Wellbeing Week 2017 kicks off again on Monday 23rd October, centred around four key themes:

  1. The worker: Ensuring workers understand the impact that ill health can cause, and speaking out to receive the necessary support if affected by workplace ill health.
  2. The workplace: Assessing the risk in your workplace and ensuring all hazards are minimised and adequate protection is available as needed.
  3. General wellbeing: Being aware of your own wellbeing, not just in the workplace, but throughout your daily life. The focus is around making and sustaining positive health changes.
  4. The community: An aim to deliver initiatives to the community at large to help ingrain a healthy lifestyle, making it commonplace rather than the exception.

In addition, a focus has been made toward mental health.

1 in 6 workers in Great Britain suffer from mental health issues.

We want to help employers address this issue by creating positive mental health within the workplace for all.

RVT Group is always keen to promote health and wellbeing, at work and at home. We encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh fruit, drinking plenty of water, and maximising the benefits of our agile work environment by moving around regularly.

We also encourage staff to hold standing meetings, when possible, and to walk to work or at least park further away from the entrance. Some staff choose to arrive early enough to do a brisk walk in the local area ahead of starting the day's work. We also promote taking time-out for a mindfulness session to keep our minds healthy, All the positive changes made at work can be helpfully transferred to home-life too.



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