Portable Noise Level Warning

19th September 2017

Portable Noise Level Warning, RVT Group

RVT SoundEar 3-310

The RVT SoundEar 3-310 is a portable noise warning system designed for those who need to monitor and manage noise levels continuously and in real-time. It is the ideal tool to monitor and map the noise environment in an industrial work setting.

Adhering to regulation standards is of paramount importance when working on construction sites to ensure the health of site workers, and the general public nearby. Ignoring excessive noise levels caused by machinery and power tools on site, can result in permanent hearing difficulties for those exposed to it, including tinnitus and hearing loss.

As per The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones when noise levels reach 85 decibels. Assessments must be carried out on sites where heightened noise levels are above 80 decibels.

To remain compliant, it's advised to constantly monitor your site. Our SoundEar 3-310 makes that easy. It's lightweight, portable and easy to understand. A visual alarm will signal when noise reaches critical levels and hearing protection is required. The data travels wirelessly to the Soundear software 24/7 and is automatically organised in a simple calendar system for evaluation as needed.

Use the SoundEar 3-310 to meet regulations and protect your workers affordably, effectively and continually.

Download the product sheet here.



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