Portable Dust Filtration Unit

14th February 2017

Portable Dust Filtration Unit, RVT Group

Our new lightweight and effective filtration unit is designed to capture and filter dust from a wide range of tasks and applications found on construction sites.

Ideal for office and hospital refurbs, as well as general demolition. The Raptor incorporates a powerful and robust axial fan, delivering variable speed airflows, making it the most compact portable filtration unit of its airflow rating on the market.

The Raptor is also highly versatile. The unit itself can be connected to flexible ducting and a galvanised capture hood. This is particularly beneficial if the dust being produced is from a localised activity.

The success of any dust extraction arrangement is to ensure the dust is being captured as close to the source as possible. By placing the Raptor outside of the work area and running the ducting and capture hood to where the dust is being produced, the system is able to create a negative pressure which prevents dust from escaping into surrounding areas.

When used alone, or in conjunction with other dust control systems, this powerful, highly effective piece of equipment ensures the health of site workers is protected during dust-generating tasks.

Find out more in this demo video:




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