PPF’s ‘Better Together’ Breakfast

3rd August 2017

PPF’s ‘Better Together’ Breakfast, RVT Group

Bringing together their key supply chain, the Parkeray Partnership Forum hosted their annual event earlier this month. Over breakfast butties, more than 70 guests listened, connected and discussed health and safety practices, making this another successful and informative PPF event.

RVT was delighted to be involved again this year. Supporting, collaborating and being a key contributor to an event organised by such a proactive principal contractor like Parkeray, is an absolute pleasure. It's not often large contractors host events for the sole purpose of improving health and safety on their sites. Having the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and concerns with their entire supply chain, gave us a greater understanding of the challenges and needs on sites today.

"Parkeray understand the importance of raising the bar on site-health issues. They actively explore the challenges faced and work hard to overcome them. Fixed mindsets can also present a big hurdle. But by bringing their supply chain together to help educate and raise awareness of health issues, they get closer to achieving an industry-wide change," commented RVT's Vern Harrington.

Events like these are crucial in opening up conversations among those who are involved in site work. And it's encouraging meeting others who also want to make a difference by improving health standards on our UK sites.

We look forward to next year's event!



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