Nutrition and Hydration Week

13th March 2017

Nutrition and Hydration Week , RVT Group

Protecting the long-term health of site workers is RVT's core mission. We live this out each day by providing specialist equipment to protect workers from fume, dust, noise and extreme temperatures when on site. But we also avidly support campaigns that promote better health in general.

One such campaign is the Nutrition and Hydration Week which is taking place next week, from the 13th-19th March 2017.

What started out focusing on nutrition and hydration improvements across health and social care, has now grown into a global, multi-sector collaboration of industries aligned to improve the health of all workers.

We all understand the need to eat and drink well to remain healthy, but in the fast pace of our daily lives this can easily be neglected. However, for some this could have disastrous consequences. For those carrying out physical activity – such as construction workers – being mindful of what's consumed is vital.

Not drinking enough water, for example, will stop your body from functioning effectively. This may stop workers from carrying out their everyday tasks properly, or concentration levels slipping – a potentially fatal risk. Poor food habits can decrease energy levels and trigger chronic illnesses, thereby jeopardising themselves and those reliant on them.

So, join us in supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week by promoting healthy eating and drinking, in the workplace and at home.

More information on Nutrition and Hydration Week can be found here



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