Noise Reduction for Breakers

29th November 2016

Noise Reduction for Breakers, RVT Group

RVT's robust Soundex E7/2 Quick-Tech® Breaker Shroud incorporates acoustic walls and roof to provide effective noise reduction for breakers.

With adjustable height options depending on the plant machinery being used, it has one open side for ease of machinery operation. Additionally, it has a profile roof section for optimum performance of hammers, making the most use of the acoustic shroud itself.

This Breaker Shroud also doubles up as a chip guard, eliminating the need for temporary fence panels and debris netting, and is easily moved as work progresses.

Being both fire and water resistant, and coming with static or castor feet, the Soundex Breaker Shroud is an effective noise reduction for all site breakers.

Find out more and watch a demonstration in our video below.



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