New Soundex E6 Cutting Enclosure

1st August 2016

New Soundex E6 Cutting Enclosure, RVT Group

Adding to our already extensive range of effective noise control solutions, RVT Group is delighted to announce the launch of its latest Soundex product – the E6/2 Quick-Tech Cutting Enclosure.

Providing effective temporary control of unwanted noise, has become a key health and safety issue in all types of working environments.

Unacceptable exposure to excessive noise can cause irreversible damage to site personnel, which is why RVT Group is committed to producing innovative noise barriers and market-leading noise enclosures.

And now, with the launch of the Soundex E6 Cutting Enclosure, there's a solution to meet your needs.

This robust industrial quality cutting enclosure has acoustic walls and roof, a quick access entrance, and left and right ports for extra-long materials, all without jeopardising its noise control function.

Proving hugely popular within many industry-types, the Soundex E6/2 Quick-Tech Cutting Enclosure is adaptable, easy to set-up and with optional casters, can be effortlessly transported to various site locations.

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