Network Rail Day, Oct 2017

20th November 2017

Network Rail Day, Oct 2017, RVT Group

RVT staff were delighted to attend this year's Network Rail Day. With our focus on sharing knowledge, we were keen to speak about key hazards that arise on construction sites within the rail industry – dust, fumes and noise – and our innovative solutions to minimise their risk.

Raising awareness of the potential life debilitating effects of these hazards is something we're passionate about – our vision is a world in which the impact of site work on life and health is effectively zero. Presenting our range of noise control and ventilation equipment helps to identify the essential items needed when carrying out certain site tasks in order to minimise the risk to workers' health.

Of particular interest was our live demonstration of the Micro Barrier, which is very effective in showing the scale of noise reduction that's possible for everyday tasks.

RVT Technical Manager Ted Taylor commented "We were encouraged to see the breadth of ideas being pursued across the industry, innovations that could change the way we do business."

We look forward to seeing these innovations come to fruition.



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