National Tunnelling Day

6th December 2017

National Tunnelling Day, RVT Group

RVT is delighted to recognise and support National Tunnelling Day which takes place annually on the first Thursday of December, this year falling on the Thursday 7th December.

National Tunnelling Day began in 2015 with the aim of generating interest in the many diverse tunnelling projects that are undertaken each year in the UK. It was also an opportunity to promote the tunnelling industry to young people by helping to showcase the diverse range of professions available.

The date was chosen due to its proximity to the Feast Day of St. Barbara which falls on the 4th December. Legend has it that St Barbara was associated with lighting. This association, perhaps somewhat loosely, translated across to her becoming the Patron Saint of miners, artillery personnel and other professions, including tunnellers, who historically worked with explosives.

We wholeheartedly offer our support to the tunnelling industry – a diverse industry where the health of personnel must be at front of mind due to the number of hazards that can be encountered on site every day. Effective ventilation is paramount, as well as dust and noise control, to minimise the risk to workers' health.

So please join us in appreciation of this industry by using #TunnelDayUK on Twitter and tweet your interesting images, stories, and news items for this annual event. 



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