Mobile & Powerful Dust Control

17th May 2017

Mobile & Powerful Dust Control, RVT Group

Dust is one of the main hazards facing on-site workers. Effectively controlling it is the only way to protect site workers from this hidden killer.

RVT's innovative Dustmaster is a self-contained dust extraction and filtration unit, designed to capture and filter dust from a wide range of tasks and applications found on construction sites.

Ideal during office refurbs and general demolition, as well as in more sensitive environments such as hospitals, this robust piece of equipment incorporates the powerful Ravex axial fan which can deliver up to 3500 m3/hr of free air. This powerful addition means the Dustmaster can successfully capture dust and filter air through three stages of filter media without losing effectiveness.

Capturing dust at source and being able to produce negative pressure, prevents dust escaping into surrounding areas, thereby protecting workers and personnel nearby.

Watch our on-site demonstration with Skanska to demonstrate effective protection against dust and noise here.

Download the product sheet here.



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