Meet Our Powerful Airborne Dust Eliminator

17th June 2016

Meet Our Powerful Airborne Dust Eliminator, RVT Group

This is a powerful, highly effective airborne dust eliminator that has the added benefits of being easy to transport and quick to set up.

Controlling harmful dust on site is vital to protect site personnel working in hazardous conditions, and to avoid costly damages to property and the environment.

RVT Group provides a variety of dust control solutions, and is pleased to now add the Hydramist 13 to the range.

How it works

Connect the Hydramist 13 to a water supply via its simple twist fixture component, turn the water on, and the unit will expel a fine mist of water into the air.

This water quickly helps to suppress dust being generated – limiting dust spread and protecting the health of all those in the area.

And being able to angle the mist projection, means it can easily be used indoors or out depending on your needs.

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