McLaren's Awareness Day 2017

23rd October 2017

McLaren's Awareness Day 2017, RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group

RVT was once again pleased to attend the McLaren Construction Contractors Awareness Day. McLaren has signed up to the "No time to lose" campaign aimed at helping to fight occupational cancer. This event was an introduction to what they are doing to help combat the harmful effects that substances can have on the health of construction site workers.

In attendance were several contractors from McLaren's supply chain, numerous personnel from McLaren, plus many of the HSEQ team.

Following a formal presentation by McLaren to continue raising awareness on the risk of cancer caused by exposure to harmful substances at work, we were invited to demonstrate control measures we have developed to minimise the risk of exposure. There was particular interest in the exhaust fume particulate filters, as well as our Soundex cutting enclosure. These enclosures effectively reduce noise exposure, as well as providing a controlled working environment to prevent dust escaping during cutting operations.

We also displayed our Dustmaster, Raptor and Vacuum equipment, all of which aid in dust, fume and noise suppression to protect the workforce and general public nearby.

The 'No Time to Lose' campaign aims to raise awareness of significant carcinogens such as asbestos, silica dust and diesel fumes prevalent in the construction industry, and help companies to take action by providing free practical resources. Find out more here.



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