Managing dust control and air quality

18th July 2015

Managing dust control and air quality, RVT Group

For many building and construction sites dust control and air quality can be a real problem. RVT Group provides expert advice on how to control levels of dust in the air at any construction site or industrial work area.

If you would like to hire a dust control solution, RVT Group have a wide range of dust prevention and control equipment for hire.

If the levels of dust are not controlled and monitored, this can lead to dangerous levels of dust building up in the atmosphere of a work site. Dust can pose a serious threat to the health of employees and visitors to the work site.

RVT Group manufacture and supply dust control units from a one off unit for a small construction site, right up to very large industrial dust extraction units for large corporate and local government building projects. DUSTEX is our very own brand of dust control units.

If you have a requirement for dust control hire equipment and are not sure what you need, please contact one of our experts on 0808 178 3286.



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