Managing Site Hazards

22nd November 2017

Managing Site Hazards, RVT Group
RVT Group

RVT was delighted to attend Speller Metcalfe's Working Well Together event last month. The purpose of the day was to get principal contractors and SME companies, including SHEQ and all levels of Speller Metcalfe's management, together to discuss occupational health and wellbeing.

It was a day packed full of informative and engaging presentations, with speakers from the HSE and key industry experts focusing in on the topic of Stress & Mental health on construction sites.

Construction has been cited as an industry that suffers from higher than average mental health issues in a government-commissioned report.

In the light of this government report, creating and maintaining healthier working conditions for site workers is of paramount importance. It was encouraging to be a part of this day with so many from within the industry in agreement on this issue.

RVT is passionate about improving the working conditions on construction sites and helping to ensure that the long-term health of workers and those nearby is not at risk.

Concentrating on equipment to manage dust and fume hazards, we displayed our Exhaust Filter, Raptor unit, and the Attix Vac. 

Vern Harrington, RVT Sales Representative, commented:

"It was an excellent day. A great opportunity to listen to experts in the field talk about occupational health topics, as well as learning more about the challenges workers face on site every day.

It was a privilege to attend and be able to raise awareness of how our products can help promote a better working environment." 



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