MMA Tram Line Extensions

2nd June 2017

MMA Tram Line Extensions, RVT Group

RVT was excited to attend the MMA's Supplier Day last month in Wolverhampton, alongside more than 85 other organisations.

Over the next ten years, the Midland Metro Alliance aims to build a number of new tram extensions across the region in a bid to help social and economic regeneration.

This event brought together key local suppliers to learn more about the planned extensions, the local focus, and the region's Movement for Growth strategy. This strategy 'sets out an ambitious plan to greatly improve the transport system to support economic growth and regeneration, underpin new development and housing, and to improve air quality, the environment and social inclusion'.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet Midland Metro Alliance staff, their partners and the numerous suppliers who attended.

Here's what Ross Hayward from our Technical Sales Team had to say of the conference:

"The MMA Day had an excellent atmosphere, and we were glad to join in with the enthusiasm there is towards this flagship project.

The insight we gained on the project was inspirational.

The scheme will be a tremendous benefit to so many. We're delighted to be pulled in to help protect the long-term health of those on site and others nearby."



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