Long Distance Ventilation

24th November 2017

Long Distance Ventilation, RVT Group

Working in large or confined spaces where dust and fumes are present poses a serious health threat for those workers. Effective ventilation of the space that adequately filters away harmful particles and ensures clean air is supplied, is vital to maintaining a safe working environment.

RVT's Ventex 450CF Centrifugal Fan not only handles hot fumes or paint fumes successfully due to its motor design, but is also the perfect piece of temporary ventilation kit when long ducts are required, such as in tunnels.

Alternatively, the fan can be used in conjunction with dust filtration units to create negative pressures in order to extract dust and fumes.

Being skid mounted, the Ventex 450CF is highly portable. And with an airflow rating of 20,500 m /hr of free air, it's also extremely powerful – ideal for large spaces that require greater airflows.

In large or confined spaces, easy access or not, RVT's Ventex 450CF can provide effective temporary ventilation to ensure the health of site workers is not put at risk.



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