Lightweight and Versatile Noise Control Solution

15th November 2016

Lightweight and Versatile Noise Control Solution, RVT Group

Excessive noise during construction work can result in long-term health damage to site personnel. In fact, recent HSE statistics estimate that around 17,000 people in the UK suffer from deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work.

RVT Group is committed to developing innovative products to alleviate this health hazard within the construction, rail, utilities, water and other related industries, where loud machinery is regularly in use.

The E1/2 Micro Enclosure is one such product. This versatile product can be formed into smaller enclosures or one long barrier depending on the site's needs. The perfect accompaniment to street repairs and maintenance works, the Micro Enclosure is waterproof, lightweight and easy to transport, whilst retaining its high-performance noise mitigation duty.

Watch the E1/2 Micro Enclosure in use and the benefit it brings night-time rail workers in the video below.

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