Large Effective Sound Enclosure

2nd May 2017

Large Effective Sound Enclosure, RVT Group

Meet RVT's large and effective Soundex Maxi Enclosure. This robust, waterproof and fire resistant sound enclosure is ideal to contain large pieces of equipment, or enclose larger work areas that produce excessive noise.

Excessive noise can cause permanent damage to hearing for those handling noisy equipment, and to those nearby. In fact, latest statistics from the HSE have the number of people in the UK suffering from workplace deafness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or other ear conditions, at 17,000.

Risk assessments must be carried out to ensure that the level of noise exposure on site does not exceed 87dB. To protect the health of site workers, effective protective equipment must be provided.

Our Soundex E9/2 Maxi Enclosure with pitched roof, effectively creates a large and spacious noise-controlled area on site for all high-noise level cutting and other operations.

See the results for yourself in our demo video below.




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