ICE Health Summit 2018

18th January 2018

ICE Health Summit 2018, RVT Group

We're delighted to be attending the Institute of Civil Engineer's Health Summit in London on 22nd January 2018.

Construction has the highest number of occupational cancer deaths, and the sector loses 1.2 million work days to ill-health every year.

And whilst safety in construction remains high on the industry's radar, the health of construction workers seems to be less so. For this reason, the industry must work hard to raise awareness on the hazards negatively affecting construction workers' health, and provide clarity around measures that will minimise the risk and damage.

Construction workers' health is just as important as their safety.

The importance of protecting health as well as maintaining safety, is one reason that ICE and the Health in Construction Leadership Group hold their annual Health Summit. It brings together CEO's, Senior Directors, Health and Safety Managers and practitioners from across the construction industry, with the aim of achieving a shift in thinking that will help improve working conditions across the sector.

We look forward to the discussions that the day will bring, and to using the knowledge gained to continue developing our range of specialist equipment that helps minimise the impact of these health hazards.



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