Highly Effective Noise Reduction

19th April 2018

Highly Effective Noise Reduction , RVT Group

RVT's C1/2 Performance Curtain provides up to 32.9 dB reduction in noise for a variety of applications. Due to its almost unrivalled attenuation and noise absorption, these acoustic curtains have become the preferred choice of many contractors.

The C1/2 Performance Curtain minimises noise hazards on constructions sites in two ways:

1) Excellent attenuation

Each curtain comes with a 100mm wide Velcro seal which securely binds the curtains together enabling a seamless noise barrier.

This seal mechanism is imperative to ensure sound does not travel outside of the working environment. Even the slightest break or gap between acoustic curtains means that 100% of the noise energy gets through and creates a health hazard for those nearby.

2) Superb absorption

The thickness of these curtains makes them highly absorbent, providing additional assurance of effective acoustic control around site plant and other high noise emitting activities, such as:

  • Utilities maintenance
  • Street works
  • Civil engineering
  • Infrastructure works

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