Heating Calculator Tool

2nd March 2019

Heating Calculator Tool, RVT Group

Having an indication of the amount of heat a building requires in advance, is necessary for site managers to be able to estimate how much fuel may be required. And crucially, it enables them to create a budget evaluation for each project.

RVT Group recognised how difficult this can sometimes be, so we created our very own heating calculator tool. This tool offers a guide to site managers of how many kilowatts of heating is needed to effectively warm a building.

However, it's important to realise that this tool is meant to provide a guideline only. There are many factors involved when calculating a building or room's heating requirement.

To ensure an optimum heating and drying solution is achieved, a free-of-charge site survey is strongly recommended. This enables RVT engineers to take other factors into consideration, which may influence what is the best type and size of heating solution for the situation.

Download your heating calculator below or contact RVT to arrange a site visit.



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