Health in Construction Summit

15th February 2017

Health in Construction Summit, RVT Group

Every two days, a construction worker commits suicide. A shocking figure that's higher than any other professional sector.

This high number is partly due to the construction industry being male dominated (men make up 75% of all UK suicides). But when The National Office of Statistics and the Samaritans analysed the number of suicides across the entire workforce, construction still had a higher incidence rate than most other professions.

Mental health was the focus of this year's Health in Construction Senior Leader's Summit which RVT was privileged to attend.

It was deeply encouraging to hear the progress that's been made on raising awareness of the health risks construction workers face, and specifically on managing respiratory risks. There was also positive mention of the impact that the new Mates in Mind initiative will have on workers; this initiative aims to improve and promote positive mental health in construction.

But there's much more that needs to be done. Companies within the construction industry need to start shouting about maintaining high health standards in the workplace, just as loudly as they do about safety. Which is what makes this event so unique and inspiring. Industry leaders outline the steps that have already been made, and map out those that need to happen next to make the necessary improvements.

RVT is committed to protecting the health of site workers. We stand with the Health in Construction Leadership Group in an attempt to reduce ill-health and disease from our industry, and we will continue to support their efforts for the long-term.



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