HSE’s Unannounced Targeted Site Inspections

6th October 2016

HSE’s Unannounced Targeted Site Inspections, RVT Group

Clients and contractors not meeting the UK's minimum health and safety standards may find themselves regretting it over the coming weeks...

As part of their Help Great Britain Work Well strategy, the HSE have announced a series of unannounced targeted site inspections.

This initiative began on Monday 3rd October, and continues through to the 4th November 2016, and is aimed at ensuring sites are being properly managed, particularly in relation to the health of workers.

Occupational health is a key area that the 'Help GB Work Well' strategy focuses on. Fume and dust levels on site need to be managed well to reduce the chronic and acute health conditions that are on the increase among site personnel.

Greater awareness of the harm and preventability of these occupational health risks is paramount, as well as penalising those who are breaching the law and putting the lives of many at risk.

This countrywide inspection will concentrate on activities where health could become an issue, such as:

  • Activities creating high levels of dust and fumes
  • Handling of hazardous substances
  • Ongoing exposure to noise and vibrations
  • Working on high structures

Not only will inspectors visit and analyse sites, they will also:

  • Speak with the workforce to ensure they are aware of the dangers, and what they should do in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Check that they're proficient in the handling of any specialised equipment and machinery

This is not an initiative to name and shame.

The HSE – along with many of us whose aim is to see a workforce no longer affected by occupational health issues – want to work with clients, contractors and sub-contractors to generate ongoing positive change in the hope of a fully compliant nation.

Safer UK sites means a safer environment for us all.

You can follow the SaferSites Facebook page for the latest updates from the inspectors throughout this initiative.



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