HSE announces major plan to help UK businesses ‘work well’

30th March 2016

HSE announces major plan to help UK businesses ‘work well’, RVT Group

'By keeping things as simple and straightforward as possible, we can ensure that all businesses see this as enabling them to be successful and productive,' says Dame Judith Hackett DBE, HSE Chair.

The HSE is to act increasingly as an enabler, supporting businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), by providing simple, accessible and relevant advice. The strategy sets out six priority themes for the next five years.

One key element of one of the themes, Tackling Ill Health, is earlier prevention, which is highlighted as being more cost-effective than trying to intervene when a person is suffering from ill health.

'Greater awareness of the harm, costs and preventability of work-related ill health should drive collective action to improve health outcomes.'

This focus is very much aligned with our core purpose at RVT: to protect the long-term health of those on site. We enable our customers to protect their workers' health and have peace of mind through effective, tailored solutions. We do recognise that this approach is more cost-effective but we believe, more importantly, it is the right thing to do – every worker deserves a happy and healthy future.

The theme, Managing Risk Well, emphasises the positive outcomes of sensible risk management – reduced sickness absence, lower costs and a good reputation. We believe we have a key role to play in managing risk for our clients, in sharing examples of practice, and providing targeted, relevant advice and information for an understanding of 'proportionate health and safety'.

We also welcome the focus on SMEs, with the theme Supporting Small Employers. We agree that managing workplace risks shouldn't be complicated or costly. The HSE aims to make support available which is 'quick and easy for small businesses to understand, so that they can fulfil their obligations'. As well as sharing our expertise via our personal service and site visits, we provide relevant information through our newsletters, case studies and whitepapers.

We applaud this far-reaching plan of the HSE. As Dame Judith Hackett points out, this strategy is for the whole of the system and everyone in it: 'We now need to see real ownership of this strategy – by the many, not just a few.' We will continue to do our part to assist businesses protect the health of workers and the public. Contact us today with any queries; we're ready to help.



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