Great Britain’s Health & Wellbeing Week Oct 2016

14th October 2016

Great Britain’s Health & Wellbeing Week Oct 2016, RVT Group

For one week – 17th to the 21st October – Great Britain unites to actively encourage health and wellbeing at work and at home. Millions of employees are expected to take part through various challenges and promotions, to help raise awareness and understanding regarding health and wellbeing.

In only its second year, Great Britain's Health and Wellbeing Week is the result of many large organisations, within safety-critical industries, collectively working towards one goal – promoting health and wellbeing across Great Britain to improve the lives of its workers.

As Karl Simons, Chair of the London health and wellbeing leads group explains,

'The week will centre on a strategy of worker, workplace, wellbeing and wider community (the 4 Ws). Each theme will feature through all the presentations and supporting literature developed for use by the organisations involved. We wanted to encourage workers to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing through promoting sustainable healthier lifestyle choices'.

Like many businesses where health and wellbeing is at the fore-front of their ethos, RVT Group is proud to be supporting this annual event and has urged staff to get involved – which they're doing whole-heartedly.

Various challenges will be met with gusto and from each one, RVT is raising money to donate to one of the UK's leading campaigners of health-awareness initiatives – the British Lung Foundation. Look out for our follow-up article on what we did and how much we raised!

So, what are you doing to support Great Britain's Health and Wellbeing Week?



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