From Couch to 5km

22nd June 2018

From Couch to 5km, RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group

There's nothing like a good initiative to spur the RVT team 'feet-first' into action. This month featured our first Couch-to-5km challenge of 2018, in aid of the British Lung Foundation.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a core value that RVT Group wholeheartedly supports, and whenever possible we encourage and incentivise staff to take part in activities such as this. So much so that we agreed to donate £50 for every member of staff who took on the challenge, topped up by our kind suppliers who added a very generous £560 to the donation pot.

We were therefore delighted to see 19 of our incredible staff members competing on a beautifully sunny day. The atmosphere, enthusiasm and encouragement towards one another demonstrated the company's culture of caring for others, positivity, accountability and delivering excellence.

Everyone successfully completed the 5km challenge with huge smiles on their faces, raising a whopping £1,510 for a cause that RVT is proud to support.

The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity to look after the nation's lungs – a cause close to our hearts.

Lung disease is a condition that affects many construction site workers due to the dust and fumes that are prevalent on site every day. Without the proper equipment and protection, lives are at risk. Funds raised for the BLF go towards helping support those with a lung condition, as well as into vital research to improve care, and to prevent, treat and cure lung diseases.

What's next team, a Couch to 10km? Watch this space!



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