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16th November 2017

Expand Knowledge. Share Ideas, RVT Group
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The third Breathe Freely event of the year took us to Edinburgh where we were once again proud sponsors of this highly informative, engaging and interactive workshop. We're always encouraged when we see so many attendees from across the sectors attending these BOSH events, and Edinburgh didn't disappoint.

The Breathe Freely initiative aims to gather those responsible for the health and wellbeing of their workers in one place to raise awareness about reducing the incidence of ill-health and disease in the construction industry. Now in its second year, we're delighted to be part of a campaign that is providing such valuable free resources and materials and receiving so much support from across the industry. The initiative is helping employers better understand how to control workplace health risks.

Tim Dupont, RVT's Director of Marketing, commented:

"It was great to see so many from different industry sectors at this latest Breathe Freely event in Edinburgh. What's interesting to note, is that the Breathe Freely campaign was initially set up to support the construction sector, yet we're now seeing interest, desire and commitment from so many across all sectors – those who want to make changes and increase their understanding on how to create safer sites and workplaces.

It's clear from statistics that we need to make changes. On average 36 people every day will die before their time as a result of a disease or illness caused by their work.

It is a privilege to be working along with the Breathe Freely campaign to increase awareness about occupational lung disease in construction – we all have a shared vision and goal to make UK's sites and workplaces safer for our workforce."



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