Excellent General Noise Control

16th June 2017

Excellent General Noise Control, RVT Group

RVT is committed to providing equipment to the construction industry that protects site workers and the general public against the harmful effects of excess noise. One such piece of equipment for general noise attenuation is the Q1/1 Contractor Quilt.

Minimising noise from machinery like piling rigs, compressors and generators is one of the main reasons to create temporary sound enclosures. And with RVT's patented Velcro connectors a seamless noise barrier can be created.

For ease of installation when surrounding street utility works, the Q1/1 Quilts have been developed to the same specification as temporary fence panels, measuring 3.5mtrs. And with their clever eyelets, the quilts can be suspended off scaffold facades during demolition work.

The Contractor quilt really is an excellent choice for general noise control with a BS EN rated attenuation of 28.2dB.

Watch RVT's demo video here.



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