Effective Dust Suppressant

15th May 2017

Effective Dust Suppressant, RVT Group

A large number of tasks on construction sites create dust. Effective management of this hazard is crucial in protecting the lives of site workers and those nearby. There are many options to control dust in the air, including use of water to quickly suppress harmful dust particles and prevent them from spreading.

This method of spraying water into the air increases the weight of each dust particle so that they are less likely to become airborne. The moisture also groups together particles, making it more difficult for wind to carry the dust into other areas of the site. Preventing dust from spreading in this way reduces the risk of personnel inhaling or ingesting harmful particles, which can cause potentially life-threatening damage to health.

RVT's Hydramist 13 is a powerful option for controlling airborne dust. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the ideal control method during removal of tiles, plaster, paint and cement, as well as in manufacturing processes.

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