Effective Cutting Enclosure

21st March 2017

Effective Cutting Enclosure, RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group
RVT Group

Construction site noise can be a life-debilitating hazard. If not managed effectively, site workers could be exposed to levels which not only become a danger to their ability to carry out routine tasks, but which causes long-term damage that affects their day-to-day life as well.

RVT's robust Soundex Cutting Enclosure incorporates acoustic walls and roof, quick access entrance, and left and right ports to accommodate extra-long lengths of material, making it a versatile solution for containing cutting noise on any site. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this Soundex Cutting Enclosure is highly portable and extremely quick and easy to install. It is also compatible with dust extraction equipment, making it an excellent noise and dust barrier.


Recently put to the test during trials with a customer, the Soundex Cutting Enclosure proved significant noise reduction whilst being very easy to use.

Watch the video and download a product sheet here.



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