Effective Containment of Dust

17th February 2017

Effective Containment of Dust, RVT Group

Construction dust is a serious risk to the health of those nearby. It can cause fatal diseases such as lung cancer, COPD and silicosis, as well as debilitating conditions such as asthma.

Many tasks on constructions sites create dust – cutting materials, chasing concrete, raking mortar, cutting tiles, grinding, demolition, dry sweeping and sanding, to mention just a few. So it's crucial to ensure that adequate control is provided on site when undertaking any dust-generating tasks.

RVT's Dust Trap Tent provides a highly effective dust containment unit that is quick to erect and is flame retardant. Available in both standard and mobile options, these Dust Trap Tents will contain many of the on-site cutting and drilling activities that regularly occur. They can also be combined with extraction and ventilation units to control and filter dust produced within the tent, before releasing externally.

Easy to use and highly effective, these tents ensure that the lives of the workers and those in the vicinity are protected.



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